Hola and welcome to our site! We are a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to building foundations with bricks and Bible verses mainly in the villages of El Naranjal and Zabaneta located in the country of Honduras.   

Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the western hemishpere and the people are in dire need of economic assistance.  We have several programs that are designed to aid the people of the village economically, physically and spiritually.

Foundation Missions, Inc. provides aid to individuals as well as families by providing shelter and various building projects, food supplements, medical assistance, including medicine and professional help, as well as a new program to assist the elderly.  In addition, we recently built a clinic and opened a Senior Center, which will hopefully facilitate community growth   

Currently, we are developing and implementing an eyeglass program not only in Honduras, but other developing nations around the world who are in need of  physical and spiritual siht. 

It is only through the continued support and donations of churches and individuals that these programs are possible.  We are thankful to those who support this mission.

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Chairman - Eddy H. Covington
Secretary/Treasurer - Danielle Harris
Project Coordinator - Rhonda B. Covington
Project Manager - Staci B. Beauchamp
Project Pastor - Brian Hilbun