The village of El Naranjal is a rural mountain village with little economic development.  Agriculture is the main field of employment and it is seasonal with some jobs lasting a few weeks to a few months.  The average monthly income for rural residents of $29 to $49 per month.  Very few people own their own homes and have monthly rental fees which can consume all that they earn.

In an effort to assist those who are the poorest of the poor, we have created a Feed A Family Program in El Naranjal which is designed to assist families with basic food supplies, like beans, rice, pasta, cooking oil, flour, grains, etc. for a cost of $25 per month. 

The families who receive food assistance work for the supplements by doing a variety of jobs for the community.  They clean the new clinic, clean the Church, pickup trash, care for the local park and plant trees, etc.  the programs are designed to help enhance the community and provide an invaluable service.

The program is designed to give temporary assistance and we have had one family who was able to be removed from the program because they no longer needed the assistance. 

Currently we are assisting 6 families with these food supplements and there are more in El Naranjal and Zabaneta who need the assistance.  We have other families who are dire need and are just awaiting a sponsor.  If you want to be a sponsor, then please contact us.

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