Very few families have bathroom facilites.  We have been constructing these facilities which have a shower stall, a pila (used for washing clothes), and a toliet stall.  These combinations cost $360 for materials and $175 for labor.

Most families are able to construct the facilities themselves, but lack the funds to purchase the materials.  Doing the actual construction themselves helps to build a sense of pride and accomplishment for the family leaders.

We built several bathrooms in 2011, and many more are needed in 2012. If you would like to help with this project, please contact us.
This a new bathroom for the Avila family.  They did not have any facilities whatsoever and are thankful to those who donated the funds to make this possible.
This family of this child is hoping for a new bathroom very soon.
Most people wash their clothes by beating them on a rock or a drainage ditch.