In April of 2011, we sent a shipping container full of medical equipment, medical supplies, refrigerators, clothing, shoes, etc.  Included in that manifest was about 15 boxes of prescription eyeglasses and only two boxes of reading glasses.  We then set out to acquire a lensmeter so that we could read the strength of the eyeglasses.  Through the generosity of a mission-minded Church, we were given the funds and purchased the needed equipment. 

In September of 2012, we took the lensmeter to Honduras and read all of the eyglasses -- 1,495 pairs!  Then in November, 2012, we took a team to El Naranjal and Zabaneta to conduct an eyeglass clinic.  We saw 470 patients and gave out 470 Bibles.  In addition, we handed out 185 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and 251 pairs of readers. 

So many people were impacted by this small eyeglass clinic.  It is our desire to continue providing the eyeglasses and the Bibles to those in need in Honduras and to other people in third world nations around the world.  We will be conducting another clinic in El Salvador in 2013.

Keila using the autorefractor.
Daniel & Eddy fitting a patient
Mario & Miling checking vision with the chart
Sarah selecting glasses from inventory.
Annabel fitting patients with Readers
The end result -- A Happy Patient!!
Patients receive new Bibles and the Gospel message is shared with each one!