We have a heart for the elderly in the village who cannot take adequate care of themselves.  Many live alone, without any support from families or friends.  In addition, the government of Honduras does not have any programs to care for these aging citizens.

We established a small pilot program of only 6 elderly people and we have expanded to 22!!  Of course there are many more who need assistance, and we are adding them as quickly as possible.  Each of our participants receive 3 meals a day, 5 days a week.  We leave them beans and rice for the weekend. 

In order to accomodate the growing program, we rented a house that we call the  "Senior Center".  This location is used to do all of the cooking and storage of food.  We are hoping to eventually start holding Bible classes there on a weekly basis for the Seniors.......... We want to feed them spiritually and physically!!

It is our desire to ultimately build or purchase a Senior Center where we can cook the meals and feed the people as well as to sponsor activities to benefit them.  It is also our desire to raise fresh vegetables and farm animals to provide fresh food for the elderly.

Please contact us if you would like to help with this program.
Participants in the Elderly Program
Elderly Program worker, Maria Avila.
Some Of TheElderly Persons Who Are Awaiting Sponsorships