The new clinic was completed on November 23, 2011 and bears the name of :

Foundation Missions Cesar of El Naranjal

The idea for this much needed facility was created following the death of two  year old, Meibellin Midence.  As a result of our desire to help the village by providing life-saving medicine, we knew that someone was needed to administer the program and that we would also require equipment and various medical supplies to really be effective in the community.

We then hired Miling to be a nursing assistant and to catalog the medical supplies that we were able to ship to the village.  That effort helped, but in the end we realized that the hope of providing any meaningful semblance of medical care for the village would require a faciliy complete with equipment and a staff..................... and we set out to make that dream a reality.  We  began by taking donations to purchase equipment, medicine, and a building in which to house it all.

Within four months we were able to send a shipping container and build the clinic.  We are still in need of many pieces of equipment.  However, we have been blessed with the funds to provide for a doctor to visit the people at the clinic twice a month andto provide a nurse on a daily basis.

It is our sincere hope that the sick will be healed, diseases will be cured, and lives will be saved in this new facility.

Visitors to the new facility
The Clinic
Working with the Elderly
Young Patient
Receiving Medicine
New Sign
Dr. Grace meeting with a Patient
Elderly Visitors