Meibellin Midence was just two years old when she became ill with a common stomach virus that most children experience at some point in their lives.  El Naranjal did not have a doctor or nurse or even basic, common medicines.  Without access to any medical assistance, Meibellin's died as a result of dehydration from acute diarrhea on April 18, 2010.

It is our desire to prevent common illnesses from claim-ing the lives of children in the village, therefore, we established Meibellin's Medicine Chest.  This began as an effort to collect over-the-counter medicines with the goal of creating a free pharmacy to serve the residents of the village and surronding villages.  Over the last two and a half years, this project has grown and ultimately became a tremendous aid to the impoverished people who need this medicine for their very survival.

We have expanded into prescription medication to assist those who can not afford the life-saving medicines.  The common cause of death of among adults in the village is diabetes and high blood pressure related illnesses.  As a result of generous donations, we are able to provide insulin and blood pressure medicine to all who need it in the village.  We continue to look for generous hearts who will help us continue to purchase these medications.  There are others who require a variety of prescription medication, so it is our hope to be able to expand the program to stop the suffering of the needy in this little corner of Honduras.

It is our goal to maintain the over-the-counter medicine program which has been vital to the residents now for almost three years.  It is a continuouse effort to maintain supplies; therefore, we conduct medicine drives on a constant basis.  You can contact us to donate over-the-counter medicines, or if you want us to purchase it for you, then you may send a donation by check or by paypaI.  Your support is invaluable!!I

May we never lose another child from a preventable illness.  Contact us if you wish to help with this project.
You can help with this project by donating funds to cover the cost of over-the-counter as well as pre-scription medications.  We need to pay for bi-monthly doctor's visits, our nurse's aide, and diabetic testing supplies.

Children do not have to die from diarrhea and adults do not have to perish from high blood pressure illness or diabetes.

Your Donation is Greatly Needed and Appreciated!